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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke

FOR EROTIC PLAY-TRAINED SUBJECTS ONLY! Let Me take you on a journey into your own mind. Before long you will realize how deeply I control you, as you continue to train to My program. Perfectly conditioned to My liking. Explore submission in a new way in this, My newest mini-trance loop. Edited by a professional sound engineer, like all of My programs, to optimize all of My effects. This intensely seductive file contains: Custom-made binaural track (Delta Waves) 2 individual ASMR whisper tracks. Secret subliminal track. I'll be sure to take you deeper and deeper...you feel so good when you give in (at about minute six, I suspect...). Listen once, and love it. Loop it, and you're in awe. Add it to your playlist and enjoy it between trances. You can listen to this mini-trance everywhere you are safe to trance, to keep Me close at any time. Deeper and deeper, My pet...deeper and deeper.... You know you want this delicious experience.

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