Bimbo Fem / Cumotized 3

Bimbo Fem / Cumotized 3

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

IMPORTANT: This recording is meant to be listened to ONLY after you've listened to the part before or else you will be CLUELESS to what is happening, because this begins right where the other one left off.  For best results, buy both recordings and join them together for one long recording.  Or when you buy this recording, re listen to the one prior, so you're back where you left off. 
Do not try to buy this recording without purchasing the one made before this. 

So you're right where you left off in Yummy Cummy land. These four men have now noticed that you're not a female, you were just a male dressed like a bimbo slut, a male that loves cock and cum.  But because you couldn't hold your cum in after tasting cock and cum, and you spewed all over your dress - your erect cock and cum stain gave away that you're a male.  So what are these men going to do to you now?  They've already turned you into a cum dumpster.  Now what?

Are they going to kick your ass for fooling them?  Going to kick your ass because they are NOT gay and are completely straight?  Or are they going to bang the shit out of you and remind you even more just how much you need cock and cum in your daily life and just how much cock and cum turn your sissy whore bimbo faggot ass on?

MP3 - 35:56min


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