Bimbo Fem

Bimbo Fem

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This is actually a GREAT recording to listen to prior to My older Bimbo recordings, links to them can be found at the bottom of this description. This is good for that, because this recording focuses on transforming you mainly, because you do your active duties as a new bimbo. My new Induction recording is highly recommended to be listened to prior to this recording. Because this recording has only some slightly deepending techniques used, if you go down in trance easily then the induction recording is not needed. First I turn you into your dream woman, looking how you think you should look as a female, from the face, to the tits, and even to your pussy. You make a complete transformation into a female. But not just the average female, you find that your ideal transformation as a woman is to become a slutty woman, which is exactly what you become. Once we have your gender transformation completed, we move on to turning you into a bimbo, a dirty slutty airheaded bimbo. Free of all thoughts, education, and pretty much anything that goes on in your head. Only focused on the things you now find important like sex, clothes, all of those superficial things are now the only things that consume your mind. Before you know it, you're talking, walking, and dressing like the air headed slutty dirty bimbo you now are. MP3 - 37:06 minutes $59.99 

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