Bimbo Street Walker

Bimbo Street Walker

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

A sample can be heard here: MP3 - 46:31 minutes Before listening to this recording you will NEED some bubble gum. Again I highly suggest you listen to the above recordings prior to this recording, especially the first three. For the simple fact that many of the trigger words used in those previous recordings, were implemented into this one. VERY IMPORTANT. You sit back and begin to use a counting technique, that may eventually begin to confuse you, because you are also putting your focus on chewing your gum. You find that the noise, among other things, your gum makes is relaxing you and putting you deep down, along with other confusion techniques used. You then begin to find yourself chewing your gum like a ditsy slutty whore bimbo. Chewing it loud, mouth wide open, finding yourself wrapping the gum around your fingers just so you can suck it off of your finger. Then sucking it off of your finger, reminds you of something.... You then picture a street bimbo, everything from her clothing, to her makeup, her hair style, and the way she chews her gum. You find her gum chewing to begin to mimic your gum chewing. You then get closer to this street bimbo and to your shock it is.... Eventually this street bimbo gets into the car with another male.... needless to say - by the end of this recording you will be a ditsy bimbo when triggers are given. Finding yourself talking like a bimbo, using the words like, whatever, & other common ditsy phrases often, finding yoruself wanting to dress up like a bimbo, and even possibly taking it a step further and going out in public like a bimbo. You will also find yourself craving cock and cum, you can no longer hide your deep desire for it, because..... **Many effects and layers added into this recording. Fetishes explored: feminization,sissification, gay, humiliation, verbal abuse, small cock humiliation, cross dressing, lowered intelligence, forced orgasm, orgasm control, oral sex, and of course cum guzzling/ cum eating instruction. 

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