Black Widow

Black Widow

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

You're in chastity, aching for a release, and I promise it to you as long as you obey. But then it all starts with a kiss, a kiss you cannot resist, a kiss that lures you into My power. I tease you with the thought of kissing Me and to do that, you must first legally marry Me. Just sign these papers and then you'll get that kiss I promised you. After aching for it, you get that kiss from Me, from Princess Angel. You find yourself at first paralyzed by My power, by My beauty, and by how turned on you are. Then you find yourself you actually are paralyzed, by My kiss. Was there a drug in My lip gloss? Maybe, you'll have to listen to find out. Before you know it I handcuff you down to the bed and pull out an eye dropper filled with liquid. At first you should be scared, but then you become trancetized by My beauty yet again, forgetting how I am completely taking you over, and forgetting about the liquid I have in My hand. You become so dazed by My beauty as I drop the liquid into your mouth. I then cover Myself back up and laugh at you. Letting you know exactly what I just did to you, laughing at you struggling to escape, but there is no escape. You soon realize what that liquid did to you and there is no turning back... ... Before you know it we have been married for two years and you are living and working for Me and My girlfriends. We even humiliate you now and then, while recording every second of your humiliation. God forbid if anyone ever seen these photos, right? Then comes the time I am done with you and I'll FINALLY allow your release, after this entire time of your balls filling up and ready to explode. You ache so badly for a release. But with your release, comes a catch. Yes you must agree to My terms and sign some papers before I allow it. If you do not sign these papers then... Many fetishes involved in this amazing recording: chastity, masturbation instruction, bm, financial domination, tease and denial, tit worship, humiliation, orgasm denial, and much more. MP3 - 66:22 minutes (yes over an hour of My voice) $99.99 Tons of effects added. 

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