Blind Dominance

Blind Dominance

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 43 minutes

Breath deeply and allow your mind to MELT along with My words. The moment you began listening to Me, you willingly gave Me the key to your mind. How often have you imagined My dominating you in your everyday life? I know how much your cock swells at the thought of My voice. Now it's time for you to obey and take a sensual journey with your Domina. There's no way to resist, the spell has already begun. you've allowed Me to slip under your radar and now My words have begun changing your thoughts and desires to My own. Do you feel that pet? It's called surrender... now come embrace it... give into your sexual yearnings...give in, NOW!

your mind is now prey for My INTOXICATING control. My deviously INTENSE and VIVID erotic tranceTIC story will leave you in a state of docile helplessness to Me. your subliminal mind will be overdosed with brainwashing leading you to disassociate with the outside world. you will be lead away into a world where I manipulate your sexual desires at My whim. I toy with your lust and leave you feeding off of My control. you will feel like a leech for My sexual appetite. Be careful or I just may devour you... mind and body.

Oh, how I love to experiment with your weak pliable mind. Overloading your brain with My sensual mind-controlling techniques. Leaving you without the chance to tell what happened. you will find it so easy to follow My brainwashing. Experience this mind melting session that will leave you deeply trancetized and sexually enraptured to Me.

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Customer Reviews


What an experience! This session encapsulates so many submissive fantasies it is hard to believe it is a mere 43 minutes in length.

The induction is exquisite and unlike any I have heard before. Before I knew it I was very deep in trance totally fixated on Domina Shelle's voice. The deepener was extremely vivid and I actually believed I was there with Domina as she took total control of me. After that it was a myriad of incredibly erotic sensations as Domina programmed me to be even more obedient and subservient to her wishes.

I dutifully complied and woke from trance with the most amazing rapture (for Domina Shelle). As other reviewers noted on Domina Shelle's website, this session may not be deemed as a COMPULSION by Domina Shelle, but after one listen you will be forever addicted to Domina's sweet authority and sensual control.

This is a must have session if you enjoy Domina Shelle's erotic trance sessions!!