Blow by Amethyst

Blow by Amethyst

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

Smoking fetishists beware!

Each Blow of My cigarette is like a siren's call to your soul.  A need builds within you, to lift up from your body, and come find Me. 

Once you arrive in your disembodied state, each puff of smoke tantalizes your mind, and sets your flesh, which is back where you left it, on fire.  A duality where mind & body are separate... yet you sense them at the same time.

Blow after blow arouses you more and more, until your physical body, back where you left it, begins to stroke and pleasure the burning desire between your legs.

Even if you're not into the smoking fetish, I urge you to check this one out! 

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Mistress Amethyst Blows Past All of your Previous Trance & Pleasure Levels!
Mistress Amethyst at Her most seductive! Her Blow trancetic masterpiece is most enjoyable for the lucky submissive listener! She blows your doors off in this trance-erotic masterpiece! Mistress Amethyst whispers in your ear, lulling you into a most pleasurable relaxed state! She allows you to unwind from whatever day you want to escape from! Multiple voice tracks caress your eager mind down into a very erotic & pleasurable trance! Breathe Her in & bring Her into your open mind. No one can resist Her, you will follow where She safely leads you, deep down into Her erotic trance! There is No One you would rather give your mind to! Highest recommendation! Intense erotic pleasure & deep trancetic trance is & will be experienced by the fortunate subject!
An astonishing creative & effective trancetic script perfectly & genuinely delivered by The Most Beautifully Voiced tranceDomme!


I am not a fan of smoking, but since I love Mistress Amethyst, and the description sounded sexy, I decided to try Blow. Amethyst's voice always sends me into relaxation the moment I hear it. In Blow, Amethyst's voice just oozes sexiness, sensuality and love. If you have listened to Countdown, you will be highly aroused by the induction. This sets the stage for a wonderfully erotic journey of the mind. As you watch Amethyst draw in the smoke from the cigarette with her luscious red lips, the mind is sent spinning. She slowly tantalizes you and excites you with each blow of smoke. The idea that the smoke circulates in her mouth and then gets blown at you with her red lips, sent me reeling. The more she blows the deeper you fall and the more aroused you get. My mind was absolutely clouded waiting for each blow to come into my face for me to inhale. Amethyst uses the smoke to draw your soul into the open and float to her to be seduced even more deeply. My soul is eternally bonded to Her. I felt as is if I was floating above my body, drawn to the beautiful scarlet lips to inhale every puff of smoke that Amethyst blew out. I could feel the smoke running through my body and becoming her essence. Her essence encircled and enslaved my heart even more deeply. Amethyst has long already owned my heart but now has it on a leash and it will go where ever she takes it. The whole time the arousal building is just incredible. Each blow of smoke drives the urge to touch yourself and you have no choice but stroke. It was so odd to feel like I was floating and yet feel the touch. Concentrating on Amethyst's lips blowing smoke lead to a mind blowing quake of an orgasm. I will gladly follow Amethyst's smoke wherever it takes me.