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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

There are times when I wish to hear My submissives whimpering as they confirm the acceptance of My commands, but sometimes I want silent action...I remember seeing a perpetual motion device when I was young...looked like a bird in a top hat resting on a glass of would simply tip it ever so slightly and it was set into repetitive, perpetual motion...bobbing up and down that visual? Good, keep locked in on it as you consider how this applies to you, My pet...techno fetish lovers rejoice! it applies specifically to My femme sluts, dolls and bimbos...My eager horny slave girls are lured one by one to My parlor for an extreme makeover...I take you thru a feminization transformation process, including a special facial peel not to mention so many alluring items in My parlor that there's no where to look where you don't see Me gleaming into your sleepy little eyes...once I've emptied your mind sufficiently, you take on a most mechanical demeanor...void of thought, personality...a mere object, an Owned object, My Owned object, My mindlessly mechanical toy...soon you are bobbing your head in constant agreement with Me...I make you wear The Mask, using some of its suggestions while also using suggestions from Babydoll...and while the takeover is not hostile in the least, it IS constant, total and, I properly and thoroughly train you as Bobbi the Blowjob matter what I put in from of Bobbi, she mindlessly bobs and sucks like any happy slut obediently does...prepare for intense confusion, extremely deep focus and very little clarity in your recollection or lack thereof should I say...this is a demonstration of how interwoven and connected My recordings this case, the commonality is ultra-feminine objectification, giving Me yet another tool to use on multiple levels to lure you to My service.

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