Brain Fried

Brain Fried

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 40 minutes

What is your deepest fantasy about your Domina? An intimate night with Me alone, naked and compliant, as you allow Me to trancetize you, having My wicked way with your mind and body?

Well My sweet, I have a secret to share with you that will bring us even closer together. To share this most intimate and sexy desire with you I need you to totally trust Me, allowing My trancetic whispers and seductive touch to gently caress your body to the point were you are utterly mindless and aroused beyond anything you have experienced before. At this point, when you are pliable and under My complete control, I will share my personal fantasy with you!

This revelation will fundamentally change your life and the very nature of O/our relationship. It may be so HOT and make you so HORNY that it may just fry your blank submissive brain (Giggles).

Be assured and warned My baby that after this session you will be bound to Me so tightly, so consumed with desire, that you will understand what total obedience truly is. you will love every exquisite moment...

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The Category definition in the description of this session implied from the outset this would be Chastity related, but what an absolutely incredible file this is!!! If you are remotely intrigued or interested in full sexual submission then this is the file for you! Chastity related erotic trance comes in many different forms and until this file Domina's interpretation, generally speaking, has been more forgiving than others in the genre. This session takes Chastity to the next level and She leaves the listener utterly obsessed with Her control over our sex. i for one am intrigued by this development and although i am fully aware of how full Chastity can be used to open new doors of submission and servitude, i nonetheless trust Domina Shelle implicitly and freely accept whatever designs She has for Her slaves.