Brainwashed II-Step 9 - EMPTY and SUGGESTIBLE

Brainwashed II-Step 9 - EMPTY and SUGGESTIBLE

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 30+ minutes

It is MANDATORY to LISTEN to this file---Each time I BRAINWASH you I CORRUPT your mind to fit what I have planned for are giving Me more CONTROL.  This is happening and can NOT be stopped.  You have gone too far to resist.  This is why you will LISTEN NOW without THOUGHT and without QUESTION.  Just OBEY!!!!

Yes it's time for your next step---Each step planted DEEPER into your mind.  You must listen and OBEY, without any indication of the contents....yes, without knowing what I will do to you right now.  Ohhhh, so arousing, isn't it.
Being MIND F**Ked by Me is your ONLY desire NOW!


Get cozy and listen...Let ME corrupt you...ENJOY BOTH VERSIONS.  THE MORE YOU LISTEN THE MORE you give in to Me.

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