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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

"Burst.mp3" has got to be the most erotic and sensual session in the history of LadyRadiance.com, and I have recorded quite a few - but this one sizzles!!!

There is stillness for a moment, wordless gazes and a Madonna smile which absorb you into those eyes, eyes that speak. I know what I want, you know what I need, you are being seduced. My fragrance is like exotic incense that caresses your soul with scents of heaven. It invades your mind, it is a taste of paradise and you are there, at the gate waiting to enter. Lust is the door and desire is the key… there is no need to knock because you do have the key. My milky whiteness embracing your ears, your cheeks, your head... it is a comforting warmth as it stirs a blissful urgency within you, causing your flesh to rise even more....

44 mins.

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