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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Samba Alex
Constant Cum Production. This file will be fun ( or not) for slaves in chastity, as well as for men who would like to turn into heavy cummers. Maybe a cuckoldress will use it to increase the amount of cum their bulls produce, so that the sloppy seconds turn into minutes. ;-) When you listen to this file, your body is going to begin producing more cum, than it ever has before in your life. Your body is going to start with how much it produces now, and it is going to produce a little more each and every day, until you are producing so much cum, that, if you do not orgasm at least once every 8 hours, it will begin leaking from the tip of your penis.
The other effect of this is going to be, that you will discover that you are capable of having multiple orgasms.
Multiple orgasms without running low, without feeling like you are running out, without even loosing energy.
And your sperm will be very sanely and it will have a very high fertility rate.

You will be a real baby maker ;-)
Or a really, really frustrated cucky or sissy.

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I've only listened to this recording 3 times, but I already felt cum dripping out of my cock today! I'm also listening to Curse - constant aching need to sex, and I can feel my need for sex growing stronger. Mistress Samba Alex is the most amazing trancetist I've ever encountered! I expect to be able to think of nothing but sex very soon. I can't wait to listen to Her other recordings!