CRYSTAL BLUE - Complete Brainwashing

CRYSTAL BLUE - Complete Brainwashing

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
This file includes: A very powerful induction, a progressive relaxation, a countdown to cum, double tracks and a binaural beat. Finger snapping trigger.


Crystal Blue - Brainwashed by your Mistress

Owned, programmed, and brainwashed to be Madame’s pleasure toy.

This file will take you so deep, you will be relaxed beyond belief. I’m sure of it because as I played it back, it took Me to a deeply relaxed state. When My own files affect Me, I know they are good!

Relaxed, brainwashed, deeper than ever.

It’s okay to shut your eyes and go with it, you can always watch the video part later. Just let yourself drift off mindlessly, just the way I like you!
You will feel amazing after experiencing this file as long as you let it take you over and don’t resist. ALWAYS WEAR HEADPHONES.

Utterly focused on My words as you drift of until finally nothing else matters. Before you even realize it, you will drop and become empty and obedient. Your starlet Mistress seductively stretched out on her chaise lounge, as if in a vintage movie, glamorous and controlling.

Play and obey…no more thoughts, as My you focus on My intoxicating lips.

You stand before me helplessly as you slip into the silver screen, giving up and going deeper for your Mistress….falling.

You breathing is becoming slower….

My verbal energy moving into your hands, your fingers tingle…good boy! SNAP, SNAP, SNAP.

Enticing sex trance taking over your body as I instruct and brainwash you. Every snap is a trigger that makes you go deeper.

You will always be patient with your Mistress, because Madame decides when you are to be used and when you are to cum…..

Completely owned by your Mistress.

Madame Jade

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