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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

Many believe that chastity is celibacy.

- I can assure you, this is NOT the case.

-- Far from it.

Celibacy means abstaining from all sexual intimacy.

- Chastity means abstaining only from ejaculating!

Chastity is .... intensely sexual, divinely sensual and deeply intimate. I do realize that many find it daunting to "give up" that part of their lives; to have someone else control when, even how, they are allowed to cum.

Personally I have a different take on chastity: Instead of viewing it as an act of “giving up" something, consider chastity as the ultimate way to learn how to:

** enhance your sexual stamina.

** increase your endurance and efficiency in pleasing your partner.

** ride the waves of sexual energy flowing through you as you refrain from releasing.

** and to experience an almost explosive and far more pleasurable climax when you're finally allowed to.

And of course, let's not forget that having someOne control your climax and teach you how to please HER instead of yourself, is a beautiful sign of surrender and submission. What can I say - I'm smiling already :-)

I would like to recommend that you listen to Chaste-1 before you get to this one, but it's not a requirement. Each session does stand alone, quite well.

Designed for: Male listeners.

Duration: 45 mins.


Main track recorded without too much *fluff*.

Mantras - as embedded in the first recording - for a successful attitude and even deeper submission as you enter into chastity.

VERY powerful ambient music with built-in theta waves.


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