Chastity Limp Stress

Chastity Limp Stress

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

I begin by making sure you're nice and confused. The more confused you find yourself, the deeper down into trance you get, confused, and relaxed, letting Me completely take over your mind and subconscious thoughts. I then remind you about your cock size and your past with it. Reminding you how you've been picked on because of it, shy because of it, anxious and stressed when in sexual situations because of it. All because it's a pathetic and puny worthless little thing. Which we both know makes you a loser. Yes a loser because you don't have a real cock and you aren't a real man, you are nothing but a loser. Something that has never pleased anyone in this life. So if you haven't been able to please anyone with that worthless needle dick, why should you get to sexually please it? YOU SHOULDN'T! So from here on out you will find that you won't be able to sexually please it, until you've first pleased Me. You will find that from here on out, any time you may be close to orgasm, you find yourself thinking of all those stressful moments I've reminded you about in this recording. You then become so stressed and anxious that your cock becomes limp and you're not able to cum. You are in an invisible chastity device by Me, only able to orgasm when I allow it. Yes I not only own you, but your cock too now. So how can you fix this problem? Be able to finally orgasm again? Well only I now have the solution, you must obey, or face a limp dick for the rest of your loser life. Fetishes: Chastity, financial domination, money slavery, orgasm control, extreme humiliation, small cock humiliation, sch, small penis humiliation, sph, laughing at you, verbal abuse, masturbation instruction, joi, findom, findomme, money domination, financial slavery, female domination, spoil goddess, mean girls MP3- 47:57min $99.99 Audio effects & relaxing music in background 

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