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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Lady Radiance

Your components weren't easy to find, but I knew what I wanted before I started making you, and believe Me when I tell you this: You are My ultimate robot.

I want to make it absolutely clear that all your components are in place, and the element of surprise is non-existing. I know how you were put together, coz I did it Myself - now I am going to fine-tune you, improve you, upgrade your chip so that you can serve Me even better, more fully, wholeheartedly - although you're a robot, I did design you with a heart; a beating, pulsating purple piece of machinery. Perfection. My perfection.

I have programmed you to speak My words, speak My words, speak My words and believe that every word is your truth. A simple truth to live by. A perfect truth to obey.

30 mins.

This session is offered with and without theta brainwave technology!!!

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