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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

WARNING: This is a custom recording made for someone else. So the name trent is used a few times. However, in the recording I do brainwash you to think your new name will be Tricia from now on. Therefore, this recording can be used by anyone. I also usually make custom recordings cheaper to the public, but since this can be used by anyone, and is beyond amazing with tons of effects, I will not do so. Not only that, the price will be raised 1-2 weeks after it's release date (it's now $100 and will go substantially up within that time frame). First a long induction and deepener, to make sure you're deep down, under My controlled, and allowing My voice and words become your mind and thoughts. While doing this also slowly slipping in some subliminals, to start training your brain about your future life. At first you believe there were 5 women in the distance, as I walk through them to approach you, holding something behind My back. Knowing that these are women, you find yourself not getting hard for some odd reason. But excited when I approach, because you have a feeling something you love is behind My back. Eventually you learn that those aren't women. You also are tranced and learn that you no longer find women attractive, you don't even find men attractive. There are only 2 things that turn you on, that you crave, that you want, and that you need. Yes that is cock and cum. When these 5 individuals approach closer, you then realize they are men - some dressed as women. You then find yourself not caring what they look like, only caring about 2 things. Their cocks and what can come out of their cocks. You don't even focus on what they look like, only their cock. Find yourself starting to lick your lips and crave their cocks, crave their cum. You never knew cocks could make you feel so excited, so euphoric, and so turned on. I also hold a mirror up in front of you, you see that you are wearing makeup...along with other things you learn in the recording. You find that dressing up like a sissy whore makes interacting with cocks that much more exciting for you. Of course you'll be interacting with all 5 cocks. But you'll have to see exactly how in the recording. In the end, cum becomes your medicine, the thing that gets you through the day, the thing that turns you on the most, the thing that you crave, and the thing you cannot go too long without or you will not be satisfied. You may even find yourself looking for all different types of ways to whore yourself out, just so you can get a taste of cock and cum. You may even start eating your own cum and preparing it with your food. You may find that your calling in life is to do nothing but whore yourself out and take cock anyway you can. Yes you'll become nothing but a cum dump, a hole for socks. You will never have the urge to get your cock sucked or fuck another in the ass, but only have the urge to sexually please other cocks. No you aren't gay, you don't find men attractive, you just crave their cocks and cum from here on out. Yes you're nothing but a cum guzzling little faggot whore bitch from here on out & being that has brought great sexual pleasure and happiness into your life. Now say it with Me: mmmmm YUMMY CUMMIES! Fetishes: gay, sissy, gang bangs, cock sucking, anal plugs, extreme verbal abuse, laughing, teasing, and much more! 1 hour, 29 minutes, & 29 seconds long

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