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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

My thrill is to watch you squirm as I continue to take yet another piece of your mind, twist it to My liking and then, without any further notice or warning, I send your mind spinning into a vortex where you accept your situation as one who belongs to Me out of your own free will.

Remember - you want to belong to Me, you want the feeling of belonging to Me to grow even stronger, sink even deeper, take over every part of you from the first thoughts in the morning to the last thought at night before you *sleep*.

I am always in your mind, influencing it, directing it, instructing it, fucking with it.

That's why you want to belong ….belong to Me. You want to undergo whatever kind of experiment I have in store for you, and every single one of them is only going to add to your desire …that you want to belong …to Me.

25 mins.

This session is not gender specific.!!!

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