Collector of Collectors

Collector of Collectors

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne
Many of you who purchasing recordings such as Mine are collectors of fine art albeit fine sensual art...always adding to your this trance session, I take the time to show you how, as you have slowly assembled and accumulated this collection you think you own, it is your collection which owns you...the more you collect, the more you feel collected...and connected...within Mistress Joanne's irresistible Collective...a perfect compliment to the Mindless Drone series, you are brought down to the underbelly of The Collective and the thought reform ensues with My insatiable desire for control of you leading the way...I use a number of techniques to pull you down deeper than ever, including your own I indoctrinate you will learn that by coming to Me again and again, you begin to become aware that I too am a collector, a collector of collectors, The Collector of Colllectors, within My to recap, the collector is collected by The Collector Who embodies and defines The Collective...therefore, The Collector of collectors collectively collects all who enter The Collective...let's find out how much control I have and how little you will remember when you of the deepest trances you'll ever experience once you're ready...right this way NOW, My perfectly powerless pet...My collective collection awaits connection...

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