Complete Mental Reconditioning - Infinite Ecstacy

Complete Mental Reconditioning - Infinite Ecstacy

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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke
The induction is a state-of-the-art conversational confusing induction. Like nothing you've ever heard before. Be advised this is true brainwashing. You might not grasp what happened to you...before it's too late.

Listen using earbuds or headphones for maximum effect.

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Along with the no mercy series, I think this one is the most powerful file so far. I thought it was impossible to reach a level deeper than that achieved by another masterpieces like No Mercy, No Mercy 2 or Erotic Play, but this file takes you to an even deeper level. More deep than anything you have experienced before, I can assure you. The induction is not only wonderful, but also extremely sexy. This file will take you deeper than ever before in your life. Several times I have lost track of her words until the very end of the file while training with this file... Once She have you in the point She want you to be, the definitive programming will begin. And I assure you that you can not do anything to avoid it. This is a masterpiece that you should definitely buy! It will change the way you see the world, that's all I can say. The production values are amazing, as high as the other files. I can assure you that it will cause a turning point in your life, because I'm sure you never heard anything like this before. Such a sexy and powerful experience that will leave a permanent mark on your life... Totally enslaved by her! If you are reading this, it's because you are a submissive person, just like me. If you are, you should not ignore this file... It's a dream come true! It's pure and real brainwashing! So amazing!!

Thomas Patterson

Penelope Silke's voice is simply compelling. And in this file, She achieves new heights -- which means taking you deeper than you've ever been or ever imagined possible. I drop when She tells me to, and my mind just soaks up Her words and does precisely what She tells it to do. I want to listen to this file over and over.

Thomas Patterson