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Distribute Your Media Is Easy, Fast And Free...

Set-Up Time Is Less Than 10 Minutes And There's No Set-Up Fee!


If you are a producer of femdom hypnosis video or audio files, can securely host your media and enable you to offer it for sale. Approved producers can upload their media to their Provider account and your media can be downloaded by customers. 
Each time media is purchased from your account, the provider earns revenue. When you have earned at least $200.00 you will receive a payout by Wire Transfer, Paypal, SEPA (EU only) or on our Visa Prepaid Card Solution every 25th for all approved sales of the period 16th - 15th.



Revenue Percentage Payouts are as follows: 

Provider payout percentage is 70% of the selling price.


All costs and VAT included.

This means you receive for EVERY DOLLAR a customer pays 70 Cents.

There is no better deal on the internet as long as you do not want to deal with your own shop system and a payment gateways or a merchant account.

Payout option Payout Fees Additional Costs
Wire Transfer $35,00 Ask your Bank
ACH Transfer $6.00 $1,30 per payment 


4% paypal Fee, 5% money conversion costs if not EUR

SEPA EU (for European based only) € 6,00 No additional Costs




You Get Your Store in minutes! 

Here is what you get when you sign-up: 

Provider Account - You can upload individual video and audio files on this account that are at least 10 minutes in length and not bigger than 1.2GB in overall size. 

FTP Account - You can request an FTP Log in, to upload all your files with one click using ftp-client like WinSCP or similar.

Tips and Tricks for your file productions - There is a growing tutorial in how to produce high quality files.

Free Media Recource - You can create you files, covers, and videos using media from our media bibliothek


No Costs for Advertising - We do all the work to promote your files and increase your sale volume.


No Costs for SEO Markting - You can concentrate yourself on producing your files, we do the rest.


VAT  - You don´t need to pay VAT for your received money. All your received payouts are 100% income.


No Costs for a Shopping Cart - You don´t need to buy a shopping cart, to customize it and keep it actual.


No Costs for Hosting - You don´t need to rent a server to run your business.


And a lot of other features which are saving you money and time.







Let's Get Started!


All new Providers are required to submit two (2) forms of identification for the Provider listed on the Registration before access to the account is enabled and billing is activated. Please use all true and legal information, do not use nicknames or stage names. We never share this information with any third party at all.






  1. A valid photo ID (passport, driver's license or military ID). Your Photo ID must match the name on the account application.
  2. A current utility bill not older then 3 month (power, water, cable or anything else that shows your real name and matches the payout address you listed on your application).
  3. Send all documents by email to contact(at)


Provider Support Hours 
8AM GMT-1 to 8PM GMT-1 / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. 

Send Us An Email
Email: contact (at)


HOSTING - We host and distribute all files on our secure Linux servers.

BANDWIDTH - We handle all the bandwidth used to download clips on our High Speed server connections.

STORAGE - We store all clips on our secure Linux servers.

PROCESSING - We handle all credit card processing with 100% secure payment processors.

DISCREET BILLING - All credit card transactions will be discreetly billed.

SERVICE - We handle all customer service questions and/or problems. 

ROYALTY - We pay out a 70% Royalty on all sales. 

UPLOADING - You can upload your files directly thru your Provider backend. It's very simple to use and will make life easier for those who are not too computer savvy. However, if you like to use FTP simply request an FTP account.

TUTORIALS - We are always adding new tutorials to assist producers in using our website and getting the most out of If you need help please contact us and one of our Provider Support Staff will be able to assist you. 

E-MAIL LIST - We provide an easy to use customer email list that can be used to mass mail. This will be essential to increase the volume of file distribution by emailing previous customers about your updates!

STATS - You have the ability to check your file stats and sales 24/7. 

CUSTOMER SUPPORT - 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year!