Countdown To Sleep - trancetic Loop

Countdown To Sleep - trancetic Loop

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

Get ready for a sensational loop MP3 - Hit play / repeat, lay back, and get ready for Mistress Amethyst to count you down into a deep trancetic sleep.

The Countdown & Sleep trigger are reinforced in the most erotic way, causing you to experience that incredible complexity of profound arousal as well as that deep trancetic sleepiness. This loop uses a little bit of conversational FemDom/Erotic trance mixed with double voice background tracks, that whisper to your mind.

In this recording, I want you to listen to the soothing sounds of my voice and the words that I say to you. Each time that I count you down, you drop deeper and deeper into an aroused state of trance. Adding the Sleep trigger only compounds the effect. A strange trancetic complexity…. Where you continue to go deeper & deeper into a trancetic state of sleeeeeeep with each descending count. All the while, your sex becomes sooooo engorged with arousal…. Throbbing & pulsing stronger with each descending number. Your mind becomes hazier and hazier….. sleepier and sleeper. Oh how you want to feel this sensation. You need it. You must have it! Now!

Please Note: Loops are meant to be played on repeat over & over, OR as an addition to a full length recording, so there is not a formal induction. There will be conversational trance with a secondary voice track with relaxation instructions; FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst ; Theta brainwaves; Copyright 2014

20 Minutes

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I had no choice but add this file to my library the moment it came out. I am totally addicted to Mistress Amethyst's voice. The thought of succumbing to Her sexy sensuous voice to a state of "sleep"was arousing by itself. What I will say is. "I LOVE the Countdown to Sleep Loop"! It is so absolutely arousing and insanely relaxing at the same time. Every time I heard the SLEEP(snap), I felt my mind and body relaxing more and more, but,. at the same time, Amethyst's mesmerizing voice drove up the arousal level. There is simply nothing as silky smooth , sexy, sensuous, and completely addicting as Amethyst's voice. I only ran the loop twice the first time and zoned out enough to only remember the beginning and the end, and it has me completely hooked! I must Obey and Trance more for Mistress Amethyst. I must Sleep more Mistress Amethyst.


Since I listened to Mistress Amethy's voice first time I am lost. I am completely addicted to Mistress Amethyst. When you start listen to this file before you go to bed, her voice will lull you into a deep mesmeric deep sleep and when you awake in the morning you will feel better as never before. There your subsconsious mind is absolutely defenceless when you sleep you get so addicted to Mistress Amethyst as you can ever imagine and your whole body will vibrates of excitement. Your life will change and the only desire you still have is to please and serve Mistress Amethyst, your new Goddess and Religion. Awesome!