Covert trance

Covert trance

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie
Conversational trance is real and, 
I wouldn't want to tell you what to do but if you allow Me to just talk with you then I know you will find yourself slipping into trance. Even if you had trouble in the past going into trance I explain and illustrate how this wont be a problem with Me... 
The truth is we become trancetized about seven times a day in our normal lives. It is just that we are unaware of this, and when pointed out to us we see that in fact it is very easy for us to go into trance, to that state where we are suggestible, that it happens to all of us all the time. During our conversation with this mp3, you will fall under my trancetic suggestions, and enjoy yourself. It is likely that you will fall deeply into trance and become aroused like so many men before you, with only my natural speaking voice, and ready to serve and please Me... you will also feel relaxed, refreshed, and lets face it horny, as this is your fetish and mentally you get aroused by the idea of this. Like a sleight of hand you wont see this coming, but you will feel it! 
Length: 23 minutes
Format: mp3 download
Effects: none 
Music: zero
Overdubbing vocals: zip

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