Cuckold Adventure Part 2

Cuckold Adventure Part 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Before you listen to this recording, I HIGHLY suggest you listen to the Princess Addict recording first, so it makes this recording that much more effective. Before I begin the description this is very important. There are three parts to this recording, you must listen to them order, and you must listen to them at all. If you try to skip one, this will not work or be nearly as sexually gratifying as if you did what you were supposed to do. So if you plan on skipping one, don't bother buying at all, because the reason it is split into three parts, is because Part 1 and 2 you have to do something in order to move on to the next part; they are also essential to the storyline. I describe to you our relationship, our arrangement. During this recording, you hear subliminals or a second line of voices, you find this is your subconcious you're hearing along with My voice. The arrangement that we are in a relationship, you're My bf/husband, but not a normal relationship. One in which there are deals. You know you could never have someone like Me be with you, unless there was an arrangement made. There are several things important in our relationship and arrangement.....which you will hear about in the recording.... ...of course one of the main parts of our deal is that you're My cuck. That you and I NEVER have sexual interactions, but rather I get to fuck whoever I want, whenever and wherever I want, while you don't. If you're a good boy and do as you're ordered to, I give you rewards now and then. For instance, in the past I've let you hide in the closet or listen through vents as a man was over fucking me. You have always loved those rewards and have only been able to fantasize on what it looks to get fucked that is. Well I also explain to you that you've done such a good job and have obeyed My every demands and how proud I am of My good little cuck boy. That it is time to give you the ultimate reward. I inform you that I lied to you the other night, that I wasn't out with My gfs but a man I met. That he fucked Me really good and afterwards I explained to him our situation and he was intrigued. I also inform you that he'll be coming over tonight to fuck Me good again, so you better get to work and make the bedroom nice and clean with fresh linens while I go get ready for My hot stud to come over. As you're heading upstairs to clean the room I also inform you of your prize. That you get to stay in the room tonight and watch him fuck Me, so when you're done cleaning you are to sit in the chair I put for you in the corner. You're in shock, you can't believe it, is this true? Could your ultimate fantasy be coming true finally? You obey. While cleaning the room you realize this guy must be very well endowed, because I rarely see a guy for the second time. I usually just use men for sex and then throw them away, kind of how I'm using you to fulfil My luxurious lifestyle. As you're done cleaning, you hear the doorbell, you know it must be him, you grow very anxious, excited, nervous, not sure how to feel. You're already rock hard just thinking about what's going to happen. You then hear us coming up the stairs and we enter the room....then it begins.... Part 2: 11:10 min $19.99 

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