DARK MISTRESS - EroticMindScape

DARK MISTRESS - EroticMindScape

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
An erotic, macabre drama, made on halloween…

Countdown, multilayers, film effects, skull pendant….

Your dark, witchy Mistress takes you on a drama filled sound escape…

***Enjoy a cocktail, Light a candle, turn out all your lights and lie on your bed.....take some deep relaxing breaths…

Madame Jade takes you under and transports you to a haunted house…a good scare is like a surprise.

No need to think, just relax, drift away, go deep and you will find yourself in a very unfamiliar place....shadows will come for you.

You are not alone in the room as the air becomes cold and sounds abound.

Every sound is a distraction that makes your mind wonder….

You will slip into a night terror as your Mistress hovers above you, caressing your body with Her words…

All that will be left of you is an open recipient mind….owned by Madame Jade.

**footsteps, a scream, rain, wind, a cat screech, a creaking door, a heartbeat, a ticking clock, a swarm of bees….and haunting whispers..

You can’t move, you are dropping in to a night terror of lust as I command you to touch!

Drift and Drop into the deep depths of the unknown.…feel my verbal embrace…

Sharp nails along your spine as Madame’s voice controls you…

Enjoy, relax, have fun and get aroused.

- Madame Jade

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