Delicious Addiction - Addicted to My Voice

Delicious Addiction - Addicted to My Voice

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
***Click or put curser over image for Vid Preview.

Complete addiction starts here!

If you are new to trance or new to my files you will need to listen to this erotic, relaxing audio.

***Go ahead and let your eyes close because it is the voice that is the most important part of this file.

If you are currently one of my hipppno pets, you should listen to this once per week to reinforce that addiction.

Once you are addicted to my control, you will move on to my “fucktoy” series.

This file introduces you to an induction that will relax and drop you deep. Once addicted to my control, you will become my cock stroking puppet and your orgasms will be amazing and owned by Me, your Mistress.

File includes countdown, mind melting induction, breathing focus, misdirection, femdom sex magic subliminal, binaural arousal beat and background musical textures.

Melting all resistance feels so good as I take over your mind and body.

I will be the Mistress of your orgasms, you will crave to stroke your cock for your Goddess. Let yourself float and drop, becoming mindless and obedient and highly aroused.

I will make you wake and drop over and over again. You will want to listen to every single file I’ve made. You will become addicted to my voice and to the erotic, orgasmic relaxation it brings you.

You will find yourself listening to my files while in bed, while on your lunch break, while sitting in a cafe.

Let every ounce of resistance go, let the world melt around you as you focus on your breathing. You cock will begin to tingle as you go deeper and deeper

Once you become completely addicted and controlled, you will be able to have handsfree orgasms with ease. Just let my voice stroke your COCK. You will be incredibly HARD for me, your Mistress.

My TRIGGERS and subliminals will be programming you.

Open up to my suggestions and prepare to be OWNED, sexually aroused and ADDICTED to my voice and my words.
The more you listen the easier it will become. Feel my hot erotic energy around your cock.
There is a TRIGGER in this file….an unbreakable, sexual trigger. Your erection will command you to give up control to me and become MINDLESS and OBEDIENT.

The pleasure you feel will increase the deeper you allow yourself to fall.

Are you ready?

Madame Jade

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