Deviant Whispers - 3D

Deviant Whispers - 3D

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

In this erotic 3D trance, my Deviant Whispers are going to create an empty mind and a horny body.

This file is perfect for those who love that 3D Binaural ASMR whisper effect that leads to brain tingles and for those who love to be teased, then denied. Normally when someone whispers, it’s soft, soothing, comforting, and sweet. Not these whispers, slave! These whispers enslave your mind and control your body. These whispers aren't normal - they would be considered deviant!

Lay back, close your eyes, and listen as I whisper you into a deep state of trancetic trance, from one ear to the other. In this erotic state of trancetic sleep, my words become your thoughts and control your body. When my whispers dance within your mind, it just happens automatically - you get so very hard for me. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to become my stroke slave? Where you surrender your stroking over to my control?

You need to be controlled. You will stroke when I say so, and you will stop when I command it. You may not even realize it yet, but you are my very obedient stroke slave and you stroke for my enjoyment. You are the very lucky recipient of my deviant whispers. They arouse you beyond description and then leave you hurting with swollen, aching, full balls. Ahhh yes, the infamous blue balls that you know so well, yet, you want more of this whispered torture, don’t you, slave? Yes! What is it about being aroused and then denied that makes you want to come back for more? And of course you will be begging and pleading for more, isn't that right? Yes!

Features: Single track trance, 3D Binaural recording, ASMR Whisper effect; JOI, Tease & Denial, blue balls fetish, trance by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2015.

38 Minutes

3D Binaural Sound Info: It's going to feel like I'm right there with you, whispering in your ear, and some degree of movement. It's binaural, so the degree of movement is mostly left / right, but it is possible to sense a distance when I move further away from the mic. Due to the extra work & expense involved, these 3D titles will be $1 per minute. Enjoy!


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What makes me go for tease and denial? The answer is two-fold: I need to obey, and it's Mistress Amethyst doing the teasing. Deviant Whispers is the second 3D audio session from Amethyst, and it really holds up well. The lack of extra voice tracks makes for a much more immersive and intimate experience than Blowjob State of Mind. You really will feel like Mistress is right there moving around your head and whispering her naughty desires to control you right into your ears! She'll drop you deep into sleep and turn you into a stroke slave. It feels so good to be controlled in this session. Stroking when Mistress wants, how Mistress wants, and stopping when she wants gets me more aroused than the stroking itself does. You may not get to cum in this session, but the point here is to experience how much pleasure there is in obedience, and how you don't have to cum to have a good time (although I still really do like to have explosive orgasms for Mistress Amethyst). Check out Deviant Whispers and indulge in the joy of being controlled by Mistress Amethyst!

All 4 Amethyst

What expectations and hopes do YOU hold when you, for the very first time, listen to a fresh addition in your personal Erotic trance collection ?

Is it the quick fix, a 30 minute build up towards climax ?
Is it the sense of intimacy and closeness created by a familiar sexy voice whispering and guiding you down ?
That perfect combination of relaxation, trance, helplessness, arousal and submission ?

For me, at one time or another, it was all of the above. And there’s plenty of Mistresses and at least a tenfold of files that will deliver just that.
It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s different.

Yet quite often, if we're being really honest, the experience is also fleeting, kind of superficial and predictable. At times even flat out disappointing.

And this while (we’re still being really honest here) what we really, secretly were hoping for, was nothing less than a life-changing experience. Something that would overthrow us, change our way of thinking and behaving, change our perspective on life. Let’s say : something that would give new meaning and a hidden kind of depth to our often shallow, dull and numbing lives.

Deviant Whispers - 3D appears to be doing just that for me. It is changing my life, changing my perspective and adding a deeper, more meaningful and exciting layer to my sexuality.

I could go out of my way here, praising the quality of sound of the file, the amazing 3D technology, the unique, warm and sensual Voice of Mistress Amethyst. I could (and should) mention that perfect 10 to 1 countdown, the simplest yet sexiest countdown in the history of countdowns. (Well there it is, I mentioned it). I could do all of that. But hey, just read the other reviews for that.

For me it boils down to this. This file is a life-changer. And that is really all you need to know. Go get it now. If you dare.

All 4 Amethyst

This is my first 3D session by Mistress Amethyst (she’s released two so far) and for me hearing Her whisper into my ears in 3D was like seeing Star Wars for the first time as a kid: a totally mind-blowing experience – except that Star Wars didn’t make me desperate to explode or even more desperate to obey. But you get the what I’m trying to say, hopefully.

I LOVE orgasming (well, who doesn’t) so tease & denial is something that I didn’t think interested me that much before I came across Mistress Amethyst and my whole life pretty much changed. I’m so in love with the sensual seductive ways She controls me and my urges I’m seriously starting to have chastity fantasies. She makes obedience feel to me like there’s nothing else you need in the world. Needless to say, Her trance works for me pretty damn profoundly.

To do tease & denial of this erotic caliber in 3D is devilishly ingenious, because it’s so effective as obedience training. And I also can feel myself already becoming addicted to the session. Everything about the file oozes seduction and sex from the relaxation/deepening part (where Mistress, among other sexy things, gives a little blow on your skin) to the insanely sensual and arousing JOI part that leaves you in a divinely tortured and extremely horny state. And how She whispers everything, moving around your head, feeling like She’s right there with you…Perfection. I love being Mistress Amethyst’s stroke slave.


Deviant Whispers is effective in so many ways. First there is the 3D effect. Mistress Amethyst’s voice is swirling all around you. First the left ear, then the right, then both. Around and around you in a trancetic spiral. Eventually the voices spiral trancetically inside your head. It is like a purple mist swirling in your head seducing and weakening you.

The second thing that stands out is the very sexy whispering. Mistress Amethyst’s voice is so sexy, but even more so when she is whispering seductively in your ear. It gives me goose bumps.

ASMR fans will really love this file. You know what I am talking about. Those brain and body tingles you feel when someone whispers in your ear just right. That little electric current feeling you get passing through your body. MMMMMMMM.

Mistress is also a little naughty in this file. Which is a delicious counterpoint to the sweet whispers of an angel. The whispering makes the naughty stuff just a bit more naughty and effective.

This is a world class tease and denial session. By the time the induction is over you will hand over control of your orgasms to Mistress. She takes complete control of hand and your cock. You will be her helpless puppet. All the while her sultry voice is swirling and swirling inside your head. It is such a powerfully erotic experience. I am getting excited just typing this.

I think this is a perfect file for those doing chastity. The tease and denial is so much more powerful when you are doing chastity.

Mistress Amethyst throws everything at you in this file. Great induction, sexy whispers, ASMR, orgasm control and world class tease and denial. You may just have to listen more than once.