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Devoted Fan

Devoted Fan

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Joanne

Something I thoroughly enjoy when dealing with the feminization of submissive males is the notion that I can bring out your feminine desires and cause them to surface virtually anywhere, including the places you'd least expect...for men, there are few things more masculine than football...I also take a wicked satisfaction in knowing that when you're in My presence, practically EVERYTHING makes you feel dreamy...and as sleep descends upon you right there at the game, your internally feminine focus is drawn naturally to the cheerleaders...admiring everything about them until you eventually BECOME one of them...in front of 100,000 cheering fans...making you fill with devotion for your team...using your sexy and athletic body to perform and entertain fans...mindless perfection in each deeply conditioned move you make...somewhat plastic and maybe robotic...performing moves you know in your sleep from sheer repetition and practice...the game slows down while you are on display as I deepen My control inside of you...cheering touchDOWN after touchDOWN...even every first DOWN...even taking you to the victory afterparty where you become the center of attention in the most naughty of ways...all for the cause...giving selflessly to the team...loving to score...needing more and more...become My sexy naughty bimboish cheerleader...you will NEVER EVER watch a football game the same way again. GO BUCKS!!!

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