Doctor LOVE Edging the Toy

Doctor LOVE Edging the Toy

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Love
You need Deeper control over your orgasms. In this Doctor LOVE session I teach you to EDGE and feel the pleasure that is being denied you. for this trance session I am going to take you very deeply into a trance state and offer suggestions that will help you, and each time you snap and GO DEEP, you will find it easier and easier to accept the suggestions I make. You are here because you have realized that you may have a problem, or perhaps someone that loves you has given this to you to help you. Men and women tend to reach orgasmic pleasure more often than they should. The orgasm can cause a lack of focus at times, destroying brain cells and leading to sexual addiction. In clinical research, they have found that an orgasm can lead to a lack of enthusiasm in other parts of your life if you are masturbating and having them more than twice a week without your sexual partner. Self pleasure without any form of attachment leads to a less wholesome home life. The ability to hold off an orgasm can allow a person to refocus the energy into more productive things. From work, Sports, to Fitness, and even taking care of themselves better, leading to a healthier more productive lifestyle.

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