Dominance-A trancetic Brainwashing

Dominance-A trancetic Brainwashing

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 44 minutes

My puppy, you come to Me with the desire of being immersed in My deep, powerful and intoxicating trances, just to have a taste of My addictive enslavement. you may selectively listen to My sessions to satisfy a specific fetish or craving, sometimes to temporarily quell this desire in your submissive core. I understand why you adopt this safe, controlled, approach....although not anymore, this is what My control does to you.

This is something so primal and life changing that once the inner you accepts My offer, slave will subjugate himself to Me....for My domination, just to experience the overwhelming pleasure of your own submission. In return I will control you, mold you and change you as I desire, feeding this submission, obedience and pleasure, until it becomes an unstoppable chain reaction fueling your addiction and obsession.
I will wake up your submissive side in your mind and shut down any attempt of resistance. With this file I am bringing you where you really belong.
I need not say more, this session is your COMPULSION....and you MUST listen, to progress....Accept the pleasure of achieving complete trancetic submission.

So, My slave, you will listen NOW and feel the PLEASURE of Obedience!

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This transformative session is the real deal, intent on pushing submissives down the path of permanent enslavement to Domina Shelle. For me this is a path I am already on and I believe this is one session all serious submissives should consider listening to. Now listening to this session once is not going to enslave you but it will certainly open your mind to considering the possibility. For those more open to this notion repeated listens will likely lead to a strong compulsion to become a contracted slave to Domina Shelle and devote yourself entirely to her. This session is very powerful and compulsive, and as a consequence is one of my personal favourites!