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A femdom erotic trance by Hypno Queen

A daily exercise to weaken your mind. descend with me to the very bottom of your subconscious mind. let me show you how easy it is to rid yourself of all resistance and to submit completely to your master. a place where pleasure creates unbreakable bonds of control. designed to loop endlessly. Two versions, voice only and effects. Length 42:11

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paul slater

i remember the elevator; the cosiness of it, the plush carpet, the rich satin lined walls but not much else. Only the pulsing arousal, the feelings of weakness, helplessness and submissiveness as i descended deeper than i have ever gone before. And the voice. Oh, such a sexy, seductive voice. Irresistible. And then just letting go. Freefalling into blissful surrender and complete obedience. And now i ache to listen again and please my Queen. And i know that if i listen again i'll want to listen again and again and again. But i just don't care any more. This is what i've been searching for my whole life. My Queen.
Five stars. Highly recommended.

paul slater