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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

This session is interconnected to My highly popular Mindless Drone series...because I absolutely love it when you agree with Me, I make it exceedingly easy for you to do so...whatever I ask, your response is always the same...yes Ma' this session, before you know it, you're plunging headlong, deep into have this desire...this need to relinquish your will yet make the outer world disappear so that you may plummet into My ache to be able to put aside all potential distractions in doing so...because you know that I want this as well and it will please Me for you to be uninhibited and without distraction so that you can best receive My words and therefore, best serve Me...this recording assists in removing said inhibitions and distractions...for you see, while you are in My presence, I want no resistance cluttering your do that, I will help you remove all obstacles to deep submission to Me, which is what W/we both want in the first deleting all that is unnecessary during O/our time together, you can become the epitome of focus so that I truly have and sustain your undivided attention...admit it, slave...your fantasies include succumbing to My relentlessly sensual influence...wash...rinse...repeat...repeat...repeat...repeat...get the picture? Exactly! Erase is right on the button...Click now!

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