Erotic trancetic Kiss

Erotic trancetic Kiss

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
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Multilayers with background sounds and white noise static, binaural arousal beats.
Two different layers of mesmerizing narrative tracks. My haunting voice guides you into submission,
relaxation and arousal. Trigger at the end.

Wear headphones and relax.

Focus on my voice and if you want to shut your eyes, you may do so.
I’m about it give you and Erotic trancetic Kiss…. are you ready?

I bet you would love a kiss from Me, wouldn’t you?
There are a few things you need to do for Me. Take a deep breath.
Let every whisper of My words wash through your mind. Not a care in the world.
Let every bit of sound spread through your senses. It’s east to be relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Even if you decide to close your eyes, you can still see me with your minds eye.
Now lets begin your journey…. follow Me.

I am controlling you and owning you and as you focus, you are getting more and more relaxed.
You are beginning to feel heavy as you breath in and out slowly. Beginning to sink deeper and deeper for your Mistress.
Countdown: with every count, you will feel a
delicious tingle until I snap and you drop.

Feel the flow of arousal, spread though every part of your body. You are covered by My silk sheet of relaxation.
It is so easy to not think at all. It’s feels so good as you anticipate My kisses.

Imagine the sharpness of my shiny fingernail as it drags down the side of your body.
it’s becoming too hard to think, so why even try? Your thoughts simply melt away as you follow My silky words. “ kiss”
Now you have no choice…feels so good to obey and give up control…. and you trust your Mistress.

Now your whole body feels sexual and sweet as I blow you a kiss. You want to take it further. There is one simple command that gives you permission to do so “drop” and you become blank, empty and obedient.

My warm sexual energy getting more intense. Filling your mind with hot sexy sensations. The closer the kiss gets, the hotter and more aroused you get. You desire and need Madame’s kiss. Teased and spoiled, splitting into multiple kissing bubbles.

Wet kisses working their way into your mind as you stroke your cock for your Mistress. Your world fades out as you listen to my commands. Your mind opens up to Me and your cock throbs with arousal as My kisses spread to every part of your body.

Your flesh is on fire with lust. You are masturbating in front of Me, obeying every word I say. So mindless as you slip even deeper.

Sweetness is replaced by hot lust as you ache for what is to come. Your sex belongs to My kiss.

Working yourself into a sex haze, I have taken over your body…. I’m in control, you have given up and given in and it feels so good.

And then I plant a trigger.

kiss, kiss, kiss… come for Me slave, explode for your Mistress.



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