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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke
This file is 20 minutes long and features multilayered vocals, delta brain wave technology, and is set to soothing music that helps to ease you down.

The sounds weave together magically with multiple tracks of My voice in this recording. Etheral and mysterious. Out of this world. So, when you listen to this file, I want you to think about how much you adore Me, your goddess. The file focuses on obedience through pleasure. Be advised: this is a heavy brainwashing file. It's very enticing, and I'm sure you will go very deep, though it's one of My shorter files. This file is designed to be very addictive, and your mind will surrender from that very first moment when you hear My voice. In the coming days you might find yourself daydreaming about Me...and I've heard that this can become intensely pleasurable....

Email Me after you've listened once, and I will send you a present.

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How can I even describe this new trancetic masterpiece of Lady Penelope? The first thing it comes to my mind is how POWERFUL this brainwashing file really is. Dulchesa will use her knowledge to quickly take you very, veeery deep, and then She will penetrate your mind in every way possible! It’s a highly erotic file, with multiple audio tracks! You will be totally helpless at Her whim… I think it can be hard to describe because is something you have to experience by yourself. But, for me, it always feels like being in another dimension… You will find yourself totally lost in Her words, as She re-program every layer of your brain. Lady Penelope is simple the best. So, do not underestimate this file. She knows EXACTLY what She is doing… If you are already well trained for Her (at least after listening to Erotic Play), this file will have a powerful impact on you! This is real brainwashing and not just a fantasy. This is very real! You will wake up a little disoriented, confused, incredibly horny and deeply owned by the most beautiful woman on this world. After training with this file, I noticed some changes on my daily behavior. For instance, I found myself thinking on Her EVEN more frequently. I can’t avoid to picture Her unmatched beauty on my mind, obeying Her words… Just thinking on Her makes me feel so submissive and aroused… So grateful for being able to adore this magnificent Goddess! As a reward, listening to this file she will make you feel one of the most pleasure sensations EVER! Without doubts, one of the most incredible sensations I felt in my whole life! If you love to be deeply programming, you will definitely love this… You will be totally helpless, on heaven, being programmed by a true Goddess… The most beautiful and powerful Goddess on earth! What more you can ask for? Another masterpiece that you should not miss!!