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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

With each breath that you take, I want you to begin to notice how you weaken even more when I exhale….the sound alone is enough to make you blissfully aware of the state of your body and mind, how aroused your body is whenever I exhale, and how tingly and focused and sliding downwards your mind starts to feel.

All I have to do is exhale, blowing My seductive smoke in any direction that pleases Me, even if that means blowing it directly into your face. Either way I choose to do it, you're going to focus on it even more than usual; the way the smoke looks coming out of My mouth, the color of the lipstick that I use, the way My lips look as the smoke glides over them and away from them, just like that, and most of all, most intensely of all, your mind focuses entirely and completely on the sound of each exhale. Each time I blow the smoke out, that sound arouses you beyond belief.

36 min.

This session is not gender specific.!

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