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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 46 minutes + Loop file

A MIND fucking EXPLOITATION....EROTIC trance Brainwashing....a soft easy mind and BODY FUCKERY. SLIPPING, SLIDING...and POOF!!!!  PROGRAMMED, as I believe is best for you. Impossible to think.


This session is your COMPULSION. It does NOT matter what it contains. you MUST listen now. The ONLY warning is that I will EXPLOIT your MIND. I will use MY POWER of PERSUASION and MY BRAINWASHING EXPERTISE skills to take you with WHERE you are already consumed. EXPLOITED....MINDLESS OBEDIENCE....a COMPULSION!

FREE LOOP session included.

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This session clearly demonstrates the immense talent of Domina Shelle as a trancetist and an enslaver of minds. The creativity and execution required to produce such a masterpiece is difficult to fathom but what is clearly evident is the influence Domina can wield over her submissive listeners.

The induction and deepener used in this session is very special and, I believe, is among one of the most powerful employed by Domina in recent time. It is utterly relentless in its execution and your willpower and resistance will be systematically subdued and drained. You will be blissfully unaware of this however given the euphoria and the addictive craving for more of Domina's sensuous words. After all we already trust Domina and deep down we want her to exert her dominance and authority over us.

This is why the title 'Exploited' is so apt. Domina's prior conditioning and submissive training ensures your passive compliance and she sends you very deep into trance to reinforce her trancetic dominance. The effect on a submissive mind is well, for the want of a better word, staggering!!! Once in deep in trance, blank and mindless, Domina efficiently gets to work reconditioning your mind. This session has everything: mantra, mindless stroking, heavy brainwashing, adoration, servitude, a strong desire to be obedient, a singular belief that you are owned, on and on!

However what makes this a true masterpiece is that with every listen the effects in the session multiply - no exaggeration. I'm on my sixth listen and I had the most euphoric yet submissive trance in my life. After the first few listens I knew I was enslaved but after the sixth I now know I am totally infatuated with my Domina, at a very fundamental level. I encourage all listeners serious about submission to listen to Domina's recent files (repetitively) and then to listen to this session. It will, quite literally, change your life (in my humble opinion).