Female Supremacy

Female Supremacy

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie

You are now invited to join this new utopian world. As you learn more about it you will find yourself being reprogrammed to join the ranks of other men. That’s right this is a female run society. The women in your life decided it was time you were reprogrammed, that it was time to join. All men will be invited over time, every last one of you. Your invitation and training starts today. How is that done you ask? Well in many ways, one way is through deep relaxation, so that your mind is then ready for its reprogramming, how do you get to that state? Well I take care of all that for you, no worries! Some will be classic trancetic techniques, and other things like a soft vapor filtered into a tightly packed space, and then your reprogramming starts.

Your reprogramming is deep, it takes about 38 minutes, and it has long lasting results, but programming can be boosted by repeating often. Techniques used are trance induction, relaxation imagery, brain washing, sensory over load, and sexual reprogramming. You will experience deep relaxation, arousal triggers, post trancetic suggestion, and a sexual release command. Enjoy and welcome to the new world! WHERE WOMEN RULE, and men know their place.


Length: 38 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: skillfully used, and light

Music: yes soft

Overdubbing vocals: yes


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