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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne
For so long, a duality has dwelled deep in the core of your very spirit...you have lived outwardly as the male in you...while secretly living inwardly as the female in you...she is rarely seen by others and sometimes even rarely seen by yourself...but Mistress Joanne sees her and you will find yourself drawn to Mistress Joanne's intensely feminine essence...you will feel Her overwhelmingly seductive and purely feminine energy flowing irresistibly into you...touching and filling...drenching and saturating you inside and out...if only for a little while, you embrace yourself as the woman you've always longed to be...free of inhibitions...so very sexy, submissive and slutty for Mistress Joanne always...each time you listen, the transformation takes a stronger hold upon your soul as you become whole.

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