Foot-Gasm Trance

Foot-Gasm Trance

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

I first induce you into trance, making sure you're nice and relaxed, ready to focus on exactly what you're here to focus on - My feet. Once down in trancetic state, your new obsessession, new addiction, new turn on begins to grow. My feet begin to seduce you, My feet begin to control you, and My feet own you before you know it. You find yourself falling in love with them, you never knew that a body part could have so much power over you - but My feet do it. You love the feeling they give you and the power they have over you. Yes you are now in love with My feet and ready to serve them. Maybe a release will even come out of this, will I be nice enough to count you down for one? Or no? It all depends on if you give into your new addiction or not - MY FEET! The audio is obviously the trance recording, I then compiled several foot worship videos of Mine together and added them to make the video part. So for every single second of this recording you're viewing My feet from all angles. The actualy audio trance part of this isonly 30 minutes. I was kind enough to leave you in a zombie state for 5 minutes after and allow you to stare and worship My feet even longer. WMV - 35:53min $69.99 Subliminals, Binaural Beats, Vocal Effects, Whispers -Foot Worship, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish, Orgasm Control, JOI, Masturbation Instruction 

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