Freak Of Nature

Freak Of Nature

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Don't think you're worthy of anything? Want to be completely degraded? Yet at the same time feel completely turned on by it and release? Well here is the ultimate test of that. Not only do I tell you what I think about you, but what everyone thinks about you. How no one really likes you, no one has really loved you, and yes that even includes close friends and F4mily members. This entire time you've done nothing but shamed them by hanging around them or having them have to call you their F4mily. If anything they were only nice and pretended to be loving towards you because they either had to or they just felt bad for you. You truly just are a pervert. Even when you came out of the womb you were a freak, if it wasn't illegal your parents would have thrown you in the garbage. People can't even tell if you're a man or a woman, because you look like a complete fucking freak. That is all you are, just a freak, a worthless piece of trash, someone that only belongs in the circus and no where else. By the end of this you'll be crying like a fucking baby when all of this and more come to realization and when you're balling your eyes out, you may even find yourself having a hands free loser get your tissues ready. Because tissues will be needed for two different reasons bahahaha. 44:10minutes Many effects to fuck with your mind $99.99 This is a long sample & has 4 different random parts. When you hear a moment of silence, it means it's moving on to the next sample. 

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