FuckToy Seduced.......

FuckToy Seduced.......

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
Hello, this file start with a long seduction induction. Get comfortable and wear headphones always.

** Includes: binaural arousal beat, multilayered voice tracks, a subliminal track to get you addicted to My control and some light musical undertones,

I wouldn’t even have to touch you to seduce you, My voice and words alone will get you deep and brainwashed.

You and I are alone together, i am next to you but not touching you. Seductions are slow and subtle, teasing as I take over your mind. Relax, unwind and open up for your Mistress.

My slow seduction induction will leave you mindless and programmed. You will lose track of time. You will be confused, controlled and overstimulated, which will drop you right into a deep tranceic trance.

You love the shivers I give you, your cock becomes hard as I slowly induce you. You love attention from Me, such a sweet induction with a dirty background message. There is also an addiction subliminal track that will make you love and need Me.

It’s so exhilarating, you are such a dirty little fucktoy for Madame. Are you awake, or are you deep. Misdirecting you and getting you good and confused until you drop, tingle and let Me in to your open mind,

You want me to touch you.,,, you will have to wait as I tease you back and forth. Every word pushing you deeper as your eyes get heavier. Listen and obey and become thoroughly aroused.

Madame mentally caresses you….teasing you with words.

Countdown to emptiness, desire, obedience, seduced and induced. Snap - Go Deep.

You no longer need to think….it feels so good.

Madame might share you with her friends at a party, you will be obedient whenever I SNAP My fingers.

Everytime I SNAP My fingers, you are ready to jump and obey My commands.

You are Madame’s fucktoy and you will obey. I like you horny and mindless.

You will repeat after Me…….


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