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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This one is for you real nasty fucks that have no shame. Will go above and beyond to amuse Me and humiliate yourself. I first take time and put you down "under" and begin to fuck with your mind. You visualize Me touching you, which relaxes you and puts you deep down; I then begin to let you know how badly you want to obey Me and eat anything I tell you to eat. Long story short, in the end you are anxious, eager, and willing to eat anything and everything I tell you to eat without hesitation. You are beyond willing to go along with this entire nasty diet I give you that lasts 5 days and trust Me when I say nasty. It is doubtful you'd go a day (or a meal) without wanting to throw it all back up. After I mind fuck you for awhile, I wake you back up, and then go on to list the items you'll need before starting this diet. After you have all of the items, you'll play the recording again and listen to Me tell you about days 1-5 and what each meal during those days will consist of. Now eat up and enjoy you nasty freaks! For an extra $50 you can get an additional 2 day diet and a written out plan (instead of just in this audio recording).  email Me at Fetish: trance, humiliation, female domination, orgasm control, cum eating instruction, human ashtray, human toilet, and much more MP3- 50min $99.99 Audio effects & tons of subliminals to fuck with your mind. 

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