Give into My Desires

Give into My Desires

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Yes My weak little puppet. Your trance Domme is back to control your mind, and you will let Me. No more thoughts will enter your mind, you will not think of anything. Only My voice and My image will consume it and completely take it over. You will sit there and listen to My trancetic voice and view My looping pictures. You will sit there and allow Me to do the thinking for you. You already know that obedience is pleasure and pleasure is obedience, so you will obey. You will find yourself extremely turned on, needing to cum so badly, but you cannot cum. Your body nor mind will allow yourself to release, until you obey. You know what I want and you want and NEED to give it to Me. Yes little one, you will give Me what I want. Money, credit cards, checking accounts, saving accounts, and paychecks are all of the things I want. You need to give Me those things now, you cannot help yourself. You now have a deep urge and desire to completely give into My desires and wants. You want to spoil Me rotten, not only because it pleases Me, but because it pleases your cock. You have never found yourself so turned on, so hard, your cock is pulsating as if it has a heartbeat, and you know your orgasm will be one of the most intense orgasms you have ever experienced. That is why you will give in, you will obey, and you will spoil Me, because if you don't an orgasm will not be possible. You are now My puppet, ready to obey on command. This is a wmv, of a trance recording, looped with pictures, so not only do you get tranced by My voice but also by repeating images of Me. If you wish to just get an mp3 of this recording, email Me after purchase at: Sample 

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