God Angel

God Angel

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

You'll want to have this page up for after the recording: http://perfectionalltheway.com/angelism.html Ready to finally give into your one and only true god? God Angel? Well here is your chance to finally enter My church, to finally become a member of My powerful church. The church that rules the world...the church of God Angel. Yes I am your creator, the reason you’re alive, the purpose for you living, and now it’s time you come to realize that and get rid of all your other fake gods. You will first begin with a prayer and some words from your god, then for a long time we will focus on relaxing your entire body - inside and out. This turning completely into just a positive relaxing recording. However, because you’re so focused on relaxing your body inside and out....you may fail to notice what I’m doing to your unconscious mind.... Yes I’ll be training your unconscious mind with the Bible of Angel-ism. Speaking all from My angel-ism prayers....my commandments....my instructions....my prayers embedding into your unconscious mind.....hearing my words going through both ears....words all over.... prayers on the left side of your mind. Commandments being heard on the right side. Confusion on where to focus...leaves you to just let My words tattoo on your mind. Too hard to concentrate on just one...so you must just concentrate on relaxing as I speak, because that is the clearest to you. So you relax completely for a very long time, while I continue to teach you about Angel-ism...teach your unconscious mind that is. By the end of this recording, you’ll be praying to Me daily, will have your prayers memorized in no time, and will pronounce Me as your GOD....yes GOD ANGEL is the only god in your life now. It’s about time you realized it! MP3 - 36 min $59.99 Price WILL go up! Sample includes 2 parts, as usual when you hear a pause it means it is moving on to the next part of the sample. 

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