Good Boy - Submit to me

Good Boy - Submit to me

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A femdom erotic trance by Sensual Sharon

This file is a follow up to Good Boy Basic.

As a followup it will increase the effect of the suggestions from the first file and you will become more and more suggestible. 

Your submission and your arousal will be connected, and each fuels the other in an endless circle.

Submission is arousal, and arousal is submission to me.

There are also suggestions which will increase your ability to imagine the things I say. 

Your ability to imagine and feel the things I say will be better.

In other words, the more your imagination grows, the more your senses will start to respond to my words.

They will be locked together. 

You will become more and more aroused and the more aroused you are the more submissive you will become. 

This file is 39 min long and include brainwaves for a deeper trance as well as soft background music.

This audio was written by and for and is available exclusively on this website.

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Charles Harris

I just want to go deeply under for Sensual Sharon, to be Her good boy and to submit completely and obediently to Her control.

Charles Harris