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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

I REALLY enjoyed writing and recording this. My studio was sizzling hot during the editing process. You KNOW you're going to want this mp3!

You've probably "heard" Me write this somewhere before, and I'll write it again: It amuses Me beyond belief to take a simple term or word from our everyday lives and pump it full of triggers and suggestions. That's what I do in this session as well - only difference is, I amp up the effects of the triggers and suggestions a whole lot :)

It's one thing how you feel DURING the trancetic trance, but the fun really starts when you wake up *wicked grin* I know you want to find out what I mean by that, and I want you to find out.

Main track with special voice effects.
Subliminal track.
VERY soothing and relaxing music, low.
Theta brainwave technology, low.
The phrase "" included.
Wake-up fingersnap.

Duration: 30 mins.

The theme here is Post trancetic spontaneous masturbation..

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