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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This is a humiliation trance (hence the name) Originally the new induction recording out, was going to be put into the beginning of this recording. But because of price wise for some of you broke ones, I decided against it. HOWEVER - I FIND IT VERY IMPORTANT that you purchase and listen to the induction recording (FOUND HERE) prior to listening to this recording. The reason for this is that there is no induction or deepener in this recording, it goes straight into the humiliation tasks, orders, etc. So if you want to find yourself down in trance, ready to obey, and obey My voice - you are again ordered to listen to the induction recording FIRST - that is VERY IMPORTANT! After listening to the very long induction, to make sure you are exactly where I want you, under the power of My voice, under the control of My voice, we then begin. You find yourself on a bed, handcuffed down, wrists and ankles. I then explain why I'm there and how you're under My control. You're in awe that you're in My physical presence and eager to obey My every word and impress Me. I remind you how much better I am, how much more attention I deserve than your spouse or any previous loved ones that were in your life. You of course agree. Because you're so eager to please Me and make Me happy, you're ready to act like My humiliation toy and you do. The tasks aren't that hard, so don't you worry your little head. After each task is complete I allow you to touch your aching cock. Each time a task is complete I count down from 5 and when I reach one you are either denied orgasm or allowed to orgasm, only I know which it will be. You will obey and not cum unless I allow it. You will obey and complete each task properly and to the best of your matter how humiliating it may be. MP3 - 43:26min $89.99 

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