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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

There's a Hunger within you that craves, desires, and needs to be satisfied. Come and get it, my boy. Get ready to dine on the sweetest, most succulent nectar that will leave you addicted and waiting to be called again for more.

I’m in quite a sexy mood, my pet, and it's time to play. I've called you into my bedroom, but I want you to come and get your trance. Yes, that's right, come and get your trance, my boy. Feel my swinging pendulum calling you. Crawl towards the pendulum, my pet, so that your trance can be deepened.

After guiding you into a nice state of trance, using the "Deep" trigger word, I hover over you to taunt your senses with the view of my wet panties. The smell of sex is in the air as you take in a deep breath. Breathe, my pet. Breathe in deeply and smell the lust in the air - the lust emanating from my honey laced petals - petals of slavery that bind you to me. They are the power that consumes and enslaves you to my will.

Your hunger for Goddess nectar is exploited by taunting and teasing you until you must have a taste. When my panties are perfectly wet, I remove them and wrap them around your massive erection. Using my wet panties as your lubrication, you are then commanded to masturbate. Oh how I love to watch a boy masturbate! I then lower myself onto your mouth so that you may hungrily lick, lap, and suck on my juices, swallowing my essence. Let's cum together, boy, because Mistress commands it!

Features: Fantasy induction using a pendulum, single voice track, "Deep" trigger, pussy worship, face sitting, wet panties fetish, JOI, simulated orgasm; Erotic FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst  Copyright 2015

43 Minutes

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Customer Reviews


Oh my God, this file is HOT! If you love to be Mistress’ tongue slave you will not find a more satisfying session around. This is pussy worship with a capital W.

I don’t want to spoil the storyline – the file description pretty much says it all – but with Mistress Amethyst the story is always only a small part of the excitement. It’s about the voice, the expression, Her seductive sensuality and passion. Mistress Amethyst really loves to throw herself into Her art and you can tell She gets truly aroused herself as She’s describing the course of events and guiding you along. There are many incredible sessions incorporating worship in Mistress Amethyst’s catalogue but in Hunger She gets exceptionally kinky and fantastically imaginative and playful with Her wordings. The multiple ways She describes Her sex and its power over you is just too hot to handle. I love expressions (that I remember) like “dine on my domination” – She says this hornily as She sits down on your eager face. Very clever, powerful and INSANELY arousing.

I have to also mention the beautiful pendulum induction that I don’t remember Mistress doing before, at least in the 40 files of Hers that I own (She sometimes swings Her toes instead – crazy hot, too). It’s such an erotic start already to the session, crawling towards Mistress and Her swinging pendulum, falling sweetly under Her total control…

Oh yes, and the fun lasts for a LONG time so you really get your money’s worth and so much more. It’s perfect. Hunger easily became one of my all-time favorite FemDom fantasy sessions instantly. It’s so good to belong to Mistress Amethyst.


You may have had the opportunity to worship Amethyst's pussy in other sessions. Indeed, they are all fantastic experiences, but none of them quite reach the all-consuming burning desire for pussy worship that this session instills. Hunger is a must have session for any pussy worshiper, and if you love Amethyst, chances are that you love to taste and worship her perfect temple! Mistress Amethyst takes you deep in this session, using a classic tool: a pendant. As she drops you she has you breathe in her honey scented petals to build your Hunger. She will build the desire in you to the point where you will be crawling across the floor begging for just a small taste of her nectar. As she toys with her slave, you will be able to provide Amethyst with the service you know she deserves. The only question is, how much of your Hunger will be satiated. Well when Amethyst is involved, can the desire to serve ever truly be satiated?