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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

What is a trance-chondriac?

It’s obviously a made up word, but it’s a GREAT word, if I do say so Myself. It refers to the person who is completely and utterly obsessed with being trancetized. It’s someone who, literally, eats, sleeps, drinks, wants, needs, craves, desires, can’t live without, etc. – being trancetized. To a trance-chondriac, all memories have something to do with trance and being trancetized, and when he talks glowingly about a romantic connection with a Woman, he always speaks about his tranceGoddess in no uncertain terms. Let’s see if you can relate to this:

With your right mind you know your mind is blank… a blank slate accepting My words as the truth you’re now eagerly willing to live by, daily focusing on My domination and control over you, My arousing domination that envelops you like an up and down blanket, silken soft and steamy hot right between your legs. Feelings of arousal overcome you with the sleepy awareness that I have such control over you … your mind… your body… your soul. My scent is the steam that warms and delights… My words are the silken caress that sends shivers over your entire being. Feel it!

Simply accept My will as your will in the dark temple that is your Goddess Lady Radiance. Your submissive nature is exciting Me even more as you lie still before Me on My bed of surrender; so captured by My essence and the silky strands that are My words, … yes My good boy… this arouses your Goddess… your Mistress… knowing that I am excited at the sight of you… so bound… so weak… so motionless… so very hard… makes you even more aroused… even harder… growing harder now… And you know now, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this addiction has made you My trance-chondriac and that’s exactly how I want it. I want you to want My voice. I want you to want My control. I want you to want to surrender to My words. I want you to be My trance-chondriac who wants My domination over and over and over again.

Duration: 44 mins.

Designed for: Male subjects.


Main track with several special voice effects.

Subliminal track.

Wake-up fingersnap.


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