tranceCock Pleasure Trigger - LISTEN and Obey

tranceCock Pleasure Trigger - LISTEN and Obey

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

Relax as Madame Jade trancetizes your cock.

Your mind will slip into trance as you follow My instructions.

Imagine or visualize as I cast a spell on your handsome “hard” cock. You are completely in My power.

My voice touches you and it feels so good right there, right now. Just where you want it. It gets better with every word. You go deep for Me.

It’s time to obey and get very “hard” for Me. You get so hard so perfectly for Me…. for My voice, you are so good. Your body responds to My voice, your cock responds to My commands.

You are addicted…and now you are following my words without even thinking…. you would love to rise higher, feeling on the edge, ready to release wouldn’t you? But you will take your time and edge for Me.

As your body goes higher you drift closer towards orgasm….. let yourself fall for Me. There is a perfect balance at the edge of orgasm that with a little bit of practice becomes so easy to reach.

Dancing on the edge, following My words and obeying My commands gives you pleasure.

Focus and I will take you over the edge and leave you with a blank mind…pure ecstacy.

You will cum when I command you to.


Madame Jade Paris

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